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가천대학교 건축학과

department of architecture

Gachon University

건축학은 인류의 역사와 그 출발을 같이하며 학문으로서도 가장 오래된 분야 중 하나이다.

건축학과에서는 21세기 건축물의 다양화, 복합화, 대형화 추세에 따라 건축의 조형·예술적

측면과 기술적 측면의 조화에 역점을 둔 교육을 통해 건축설계·시공·구조의 통합적 능력을

갖춘 인재 양성에 노력을 기울이고 있다.

Architecture is one of the oldest fields of learning, with its beginning in the history of mankind. In the Department of Architecture, efforts are made to foster human resources with integrated capabilities in architectural design, construction and structure through education focusing on the harmony of architectural formations, artistic aspects and technical aspects in accordance with the trend of diversification, complexity and large scale of buildings in the 21st century.

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